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her an a. obama was the face, but hillary was constantly on the road. i want to say something about hagel confirmation. host: which we will talk about at 8:30. caller: people have to understand -- host: i will have to keep it there. if you want to join us at 8:30, you're welcome to do that. international related, this is t" about iranon post about ira -- that is in the washington post. this also from the post, when it comes to investment in the united states by other countries. howard schneider writes -- secretary of state hillary clinton and her performance over the past four years -- we are getting the opportunity to assess how she did in her position you can do so by phone, give us a call that best represents you, and twitter and facebook are available to. st. paul, minnesota, the democrats' line. guest: i think she did an admirable job. here is one thing that troubles meet -- it is cheerleading versus effectiveness. i think condoleeza rice was one of the most dynamic individuals to serve. condoleeza rice was admirable too. she was great. she was articulate, well educated, did so
they liked even more. they put her aside and went behind obama. doesn't it tell you something that one week after obama's reelection, there they were talking about hillary 2016. they are desperately trying to get back on the bandwagon and as they spent the last eight years, agitating for barack obama, next four will be for hillary clinton. >> sean: let's go on to nbc, george zimmerman, they took out the 911 operator's question. is he is black or hispanic? now the latest is the father who lost a child in sandy hook, they made it seem like the pro second amendment people were heckling him with another phony edit. let's watch the tape. >> why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons. >> please, no comments while mr. heslin is speaking. >> interrupted by the cries of a heckler. that was scene in connecticut where parents of children killed at sandy hook elementary testified before an audience that wasn't always friendly. >> sean: they edited it out. so nobody dares disagree with me. that is disgraceful. >> first of all, your heartbreaks for this
it to appeal to the republicans. >> obama thought, "you know what, i'm going to start off with something that is going to look pretty appealing to these guys. i'm gog to have about 35, 40 percent of this $800 billion package be in the form of tax cuts. a lot of democrats are going to hate that, but republicans like tax cuts, and we can just get everybody on board from the beginning." >> narrator: he was told right from the start the stakes couldn't be higher. >> this is the first of a series of tests. and if he failed this one, what would it say for his administration and his ability to deal with all the other challenges we're going to face? >> president obama promised the american people he would bring bipartisan solutions... >> narrator: he decided to make a symbolic gesture: he'd come to them. >> mr. obama is hoping for support from both sides of the aisle... >> narrator: take his proposal to the republicans on their own turf. >> he'll try and sell his plan to the republicans... >> narrator: he headed right for the meeting of the republican caucus. >> it's a rare day when the presiden
anyone that barack obama nominates. and the surge was something that was his. i think that almost in a way john mccain made the surge into the war as john mccain would have fought it as commander in chief, and anyone who questions it gets the wrath of mccain. and i watched that hearing or that part of the hearing with colonel jack jacobs and patrick murphy, the former congressman of pennsylvania that served in iraq. both of those guys have been at the bottom of the pile as jack jacobs calls it, like hagel and mccain, you just view war differently. but the lesson these two men took from vietnam seems to be so different. hagel took the questioning, the same thing patrick murphy feels, being lied to and knowing that anger that your friends died for what you believe to be a lie. mccain seems to have taken something different from it. >> we're all different. here is chuck hagel in vietnam back in '68 when he went in. he was an enlisted soldier and rose to sergeant. a noncommissioned officer with the infantry, a grunt as they used to say in vietnam. this is navy pilot john mccain with h
>> bret: finally tonight interesting update to a report we brought you earlier in week. something that president obama promised on day one of his first term. and now, one show, apparently has some new scoop. >> after years of empty promises, he is closing guantanamo office of closing guantanamo. we did it! finally america can move beyond the sad chapter of trying to close down our glub by the sea. choting the office of closing guantanamo not a moment too soon. i heard the condition in the office were horrific. people held for years and in cramp corners and water coole coolered. special envoy in charge of closing the president, daniel freed seen here judging mankind. has been reassigned to work on issues like iran and syria. that is just more obama cronyism. the guy fails at one job so they give him cushy post of solving the middle east. >> shepard: oh, yes. thank you for inviting us in your home. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: this is "the fox report. "tonight a teenager shot in the head at school. the anxious moments for mor
and obama administration trying to do something for public relations purposes that is not doing itself. >> bret: one thing they couldn't answer was cost. when pressed where does the cost go, neither the white house or h.h.s. could answer the question who would pay for the increased cost. where does it go? >> the cost goes back to the person buying the insurance plan so everybody pays for it. that is a wide investment. from the insurance company per speculative, they see it as preventive. it helps to stop a bigger cost, which is either an unintended pregnancy or somebody who gets sick because they lack, you know, obviously birth control and controlling cycles is more than just birth prevention. example of georgetown she was upset about a friend who had a uterin problem and helped by birth control. there are lots of levels. say in response to steve, i think cardinal dolan was clear saying this is the solution he was praying for. and secondly -- >> well, we played -- >> obama administration that just won. and absolutely beat the living daylights out of republicans on the so-called war on
something in the senate and president obama and vice president biden continue to prioritize this and put the pressure on, do you think -- it's possible something will pass. i'm surprised that this is -- has had the political staying power it has. i've seen so many other school shootings and massacres come and go where people talk about action and it didn't happen. but you know, the nra is still dug in, they're not giving any ground. and i think that, you know, as a classic case where you have a very popular support for changes. but it's not necessarily intense. whereas you have a very intense organized lobby in the nra and members of congress who feel incredibly strongly on the other side, you know, it's often a formula for stalemate. so i think it remains to be seen. but you're not seeing a lot of movement on the part of republicans right now. and at the end of the day, they can -- they'll determine whether anything passes that's significant. >> but, michael brings up a question, which is what exactly senator reid is going to be willing to bring to the senate floor. because the democrat
playing football. they acknowledged that, didn't they? >> absolutely. unless there is something mrs. obama isn't telling us, this isn't going to become an issue for the president, but still an issue for parents. and that's what he was getting at around the country. football used to be the thing everybody sent their kids into. there is a culture in small towns built around the high school football games. the question is, is it something you want your kid playing. and that's what obama was tapping into. commissioner goodell addressed that today. he was gracious, thanked the president for his concerns, that he welcomes that kind of talk. but he did say that not only was his own youth football experience, of course, some of the best memories he has, expected him to say that but he talked about the advances the nfl and the league is trying to make. one thing, they'll put independent neurosurgeons on the sidelines, the doctors who are paid by the teams. these will be doctors that players can then consult with individually to see if it is in their interests to go back out on the field. that's a m
recently said that is something they oppose. president obama and vice president biden we expect them to hit the road to talk about this issue of gun safety. it's a part of their broader plan to get congress to sign on with some of the legislative changes they would like to see happen. >> well, clearly as you point out, it does not seem there's a coincidence to going to a place where we're talking about background checks given the attention that background checks and that issue received this week end. that seems to be where the white house is going to really have -- that and a high capacity magazines, those may be the two issues the white house has to fight the hardest on. >> reporter: absolutely. because the ban on assault weapons is something that i think if you talk to folks on the white house and the hill, they tell you that's going to be the most difficult piece of legislation to get passed. the white house believes that they will have a better chance in terms of limiting high capacity magazines and getting universal background checks. that seems to have more broad bipartisan support. h
by the obama administration, you've got to beat it with something. and that means capitol hill. and if it's not capitol hill, it's not going to happen, you know? as much as we would love to be able to legislate from the american enterprise institute, we're not capable of doing that. and that's a historic reality. in the 1990s when bill clinton said it's the economy, stupid, and won an election based on that, it was the house and the senate that legislated sanctions on iran, that pushed for -- like it or not -- freedom for the iraqi people, that pushed for sanctions on cuba, that pushed for more engagement, that pushed for exactly what you're talking about which is playing in colombia, that really pushed for a new relationship with india. i could go on and on and on. nato expansion. all of the things we now take for granted were not initiatives of the clinton administration, they were initiatives of members of congress here on capitol hill who changed the world in a very meaningful way. and that is still an opportunity if only we recognize that it's something that we need to care about. so
results think there is a lot more disorder now than there was then. and that's something that ultimately will be discussed. now, of course it was president obama's watch. she was an implementer, you know, not the main policymaker are. that will be an issue if she runs in 2016. jon: he drives foreign policy. >> there is no question about that. there is no question about that. everybody concedes that and her allies concede it inside the administration. this is president obama's show and a she has been a spokesman an implementer of that policy. jon: paul gigot, from "the wall street journal". >> thanks, jon. jon: he will look at the week's top stories the "journal editorial report" airs tomorrow at 2:00 are eastern on the fox news channel. jenna: a massive deadly pileup yesterday on a michigan freeway. harris faulkner has the latest from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: the pictures from yesterday are simply eye-popping, a chain-reaction crash that left cars twisted and slipped more than a mile along interstate 75. this is detroit. we're learning more about what drivers were doing to tr
at home. something but not as candidate obama, but also candidate romney agreed upon. we are looking at unprecedented cuts and spending on national security. we are looking at the prospects of drawing down from afghanistan one of the questions that i know that we have is whether we are ready for those changes. i suspect that most of us believe that we are not. tom, maybe you can talk about the sequestration of paul ryan told us is going to happen. >> there has been a near certainty so i will talk about the sequestration per se. i really regarded as a symptom and not the disease itself. the disease itself is the erosion to the point of vanishing, almost. the bipartisan political consensus for military strength, as people used to say. that is something that over the course of my career has been a touchstone. something that people could build upon. we can argue about what kind of strength we could have come of these for forces versus those forces. but there was a broad-based bipartisan condition of the american military power was necessary and necessary conditions in a dangerous world.
predictable. let me guess he is going to say he is troubled by something that obama has done. [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> stephanie: troubling. very troubling. exactly. >> trouble in trouble town. >> stephanie: exactly. >> i'm troubled. >> stephanie: deeply troubled about trouble. doug in missouri. >> caller: hey, miss miller. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: i just want to say that -- when it comes to -- when it comes to guns -- >> stephanie: right. >> caller: the government of small party says government should not interfere, but when it comes to the constitutionally adjudicated abortion every way around is perfectly fine. and you know that scream button you have on your box? >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: that's where i am right now. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: yes. lawrence o'donnell says you only believe in a women's right to choose whatever gun she wants. that's the only right you choose to give a woman. paula good morning. >> caller: i was very upset when you said you weren't going to ruth for the niners because of what chris culver said -- >> stephanie: i didn't say that.
better. >> all right. hold that thought. hold that thought. we're going to add something right here. hang on one second. today president obama announced that he is dissolving his so called jobs council and it hasn't even met once in the past year. yesterday's gdp decline and today's jump of 38,000 in new jobless claims really makes this an untimely end for the jobs council. here now to talk to us about it is senator moran. you were working with the jobs council, were you not? >> absolutely. and i think they have a collection of very valuable members of the business community with expertise that members of congress both republicans and democrats found valuable. they relied upon it. they had credibility. and while they haven't met for a year and while i'm always interested in getting rid of unnecessary government bureaucra bureaucracies, commissions and committees, this is one that i think could be very helpful, has been very helpful and i am disappointed the see it come to an end. >> but i thought this really was just kind of show horse stuff. window dressing stuff. trying to say to the pu
of the armed services and their families. and it seemed to me that having that on the table made it something that he would not be able to back away from. >> sir, as you have said in that op-ed that times and minds have changed and we now have the full repeal under president obama of don't ask, don't tell. and chuck hagel got on the record yesterday, talking about the support he has of that. take a listen. >> i'm fully committed to implementing the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. and doing everything possible under current law to provide equal benefits to the families of all -- all our service members. >> so, sir, hagel has said military chaplains will not be forced to perform or oversee marriage equality ceremonies. but do you think that hagel has satisfied the concerns of what have been legitimate ones from the lgbt community, especially given the fact that the president has come out for marriage equality. the fact that the president has been forward on the full repeal of don't ask, don't tell. and now that that would fit squarely in the purview of chuck hagel. >> well, he satisfied my con
need to shift to a system where we pay per person. obama called it a voucher. are there other things we should do? >> i tell you, 18 years in the senate, we tried desperately to do something with healthcare. we had a good bipartisan group. we met once a week. and the reality is, your congress people don't understand the situation. nobody understands the situation. so they have done this piecemeal stuff 37 we said, look, you can't let it go over 1% of gdp. can you go in there and find fat but no one will ever say that or you get ripped to shreds by the aarp and senior groups and everybody else. we were specific in what we said, about 400 billion -- trillion. 400 trillion we hammered around in there. all you have to know is that regardless of what you call it, it can't possibly work because you've got it take care of 3-year-old of the preexisting condition that may live to be 60. have you one person in america that weighs more than the other two. you have diabetes a and b. penn people doing drugs, boods and tobacco and aren't going into a wellness program. ten million a day turning 65. yo
a few weeks ago. they tried in 2011 to use the debt limit as a lynch -- leverage point to force obama to swallow spending u cuts. it worked but -- [inaudible] to something like 9%. and they recognize that it was a bad idea. i mean, gambling with the credit of the united it turned out is a bad idea. we were downgraded for the first time in nation's history. they department want to do that again. like i said, i didn't want to vote for a bigger national debt either. that doesn't fit with their philosophy. they came up with the strategy of saying we're going us is fend. and in the meantime, they want the senate to pass a budget for 2014 and the law salses that -- says that if either chamber fails to adopt a budget by april 15, the paychecks will be docked. the idea of the thing is to postpone the sort of economy raddling default situation until they can prosecute the continuing fight over taxes and spending to a point where, you know, both are satisfied and the debt limit can be raised again. >> economy ragging hue will the temporary delay affect the economy and the financial markets? >>
having the -- i love that. there's a scene in this you do something, i wish the president did at the inaugural was dance. learn to dance. i was bragging about it the other week because these guys like obama don't even bother to take dancing lessons, they go out there and pretend to dance. but you danced in this movie. >> we trained, every moment we weren't on set jen and i were up there training. and she had the lion's share of the part. but there were no dance doubles, that was us. doing a very bipolar dance. >> there was kind of an embarrassing shot in there where she seemed to slip. there's a scene in the movie which i think is the treasure of the movie. we probably don't have the clip. when robert de niro, your dad, realized that your first wife has basically dumped ut isn't the right one, never was the right one. >> oh, yeah. the speech at the end. >> he has this great speech where he goes, she may have loved you once, maybe, but she doesn't love you now. and had this one does. >> that's a great moment. as a matter of fact, when we were shooting that moment the camera ope
the -- i love that. there's a scene in this you do something, i wish the president did at the inaugural was dance. learn to dance. i was bragging about it the other week because these guys like obama don't even bother to take dancing lessons, they go out there and pretend to dance. but you danced in this movie. >> we trained, every moment we weren't on set jen and i were up there training. and she had the lion's share of the part. but there were no dance doubles, that was us. doing a very bipolar dance. >> there was kind of an embarrassing shot in there where she seemed to slip. there's a scene in the movie which i think is the treasure of the movie. we probably don't have the clip. when robert de niro, your dad, realized that your first wife has basically dumped ut isn't the right one, never was the right one. >> oh, yeah. the speech at the end. >> he has this great speech where he goes, she may have loved you once, maybe, but she doesn't love you now. and had this one does. >> that's a great moment. as a matter of fact, when we were shooting that moment the camera operator right after
in 2011 to use the debt and then as a leverage point to force obama to swallow spending cuts. it worked, but it is terribly damaging to the nation's economy and their political capital. with something like 90% in august of 2011 and they recognize this is a bad idea. thing is a pretty bad idea of a downgrade for the first time. they didn't want to do that again, but they didn't want to vote for a thicker national debt either. that doesn't care what their philosophy to pick them up with a strategy and in the meantime we want the senate to pass a budget for 2014 and the law says if either chamber fails a budget, paychecks will be docked. the whole idea is to postpone the economy default situation until the prosecutor at the continuing fight over taxes and then made to a point where both sides are satisfied in the debt limit can be raised again. >> how a template of a increasing the deficit in effect the economy and financial markets? >> where do you know the answer. it's sort of jan at the bill and i went to expect this. when initially proposed, some analysts say it's for uncertain, we can
at is as a constitutional issue, we were hoping that we could send this letter to the president obama and ask him if he would do, work with congress and not make executive orders that might counter-man something that was not law, and the law and something that would come from that point would go through congress where it should come through. >> because there is another line in the letter that says that it is pretty tough as well. we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of the traditional interpretation. all right. those are strong words. if there is a federal law that says that you have to do something, you are going to obey the law of the united states of america, right? >> that is correct. we would. and that is not the intent of that letter is to say that we would not be within the law. part of tissh the issue as stat every day when there is a discrimination between the state laws and the federal laws, we take it to court. we e -- we indicate in there that it is the right of the supreme court to look at it. >> while it is being ajude kated and in the lower courts and the all of the wa
something to that effect. global zero has been very clear on this. their effort has been in line with every major national leader in the world, including president obama, to continue to try to make an effort to reduce our nuclear warheads, but in a dangerous world, nuclear arsenals and our containment policy which i mentioned in my statement has been critically important. we're not going to unilaterally disarm. verifiable. it has to be bilateral. it has to be negotiated. as all our treaties have been. >> thank you, senator hagel. the reasonable i mentioned the mission statement, that's a group you belong to. we can talk about that later. you may want to expand on that for the record. my time has expired, but i have one last question i'd like to ask and that is, given that iran, the people -- i'm quoting right now from iran -- people of the middle east, the muslim region and the north africa, people of these regions hate america from the bottom of their heart. it further says israel is a cancerous tumor in the heart of the muslim world. and they're willing to wipe israel off the map. and if
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)